The Elrod OB/GYN Center

Having a baby is a special gift of life and a gift of love. At Southeast Hospital's Dennis B. Elrod Obstetrics and Gynecology Center, we've wrapped 80 years of experience into the region's recognized center for maternity care.

Baby handFor generations, we've been trusted to be an important part of very precious beginnings for families throughout the heartland.

Before birth, from that exciting moment when expectant parents get baby's first "photo" in Southeast's Ultrasound Department to delivery, when baby's tiny finger first curls around the hand that will hold him dear forever, to the first weeks at home, Southeast's experienced and caring staff is there to provide the best possible care for moms and babies. 

The Elrod Center includes 21 birthing LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum) rooms, each comfortably furnished. Take a look at our LDRP rooms

And because those first days after a baby's birth are a time of special bonding for families, mothers are welcome to keep their babies in bassinets right beside the bed. C-sections also take place in the OB Department. In a Nursery that represents a new generation of care are a Level III NICUfor babies who need extra attention to get a strong start in life, a stepdown and well-baby nurseries.

SoutheastHEALTH has several Pediatric Hospitalists who are Pediatricians that provide medical care for newborns whose primary care physicians do not provide hospital services. They will also perform circumcision on male infants if requested by the parents.

For more information contact our Women and Children's Services Nurse Navigator, Jane Unterreiner.