A Brief History of Cancer Care Services at SoutheastHEALTH

Over the past 40 years, SoutheastHEALTH has earned recognition as a premier provider of cancer care services in southeast Missouri and southern Illinois. In 2010, more than 800 newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families put their trust in Southeast for quality, comprehensive and advanced cancer care delivered by a caring and compassionate staff.

Southeast Hospital makes its commitment to quality cancer care for this region when a Cobalt 60 teletherapy unit is installed at the Hospital for radiation therapy treatment.

Southeast completes construction of the $3 million Southeast Cancer Center. Built into the Hospital hillside, the Southeast Cancer Center and its state-of-the-art equipment is yet another stepping stone toward a brighter prognosis for cancer patients.

Although Southeast has maintained a Cancer Registry since the 1930s, in 1984 cancer becomes a reportable disease in the state of Missouri. The Commission on Cancer states that a 90 percent follow up should be maintained for all patients diagnosed with cancer within the past five years. In 2007, Southeast's Cancer Registry rate for follow up is 99.06 percent.

Southeast implements Home Health Services, becoming the first hospital-based home care agency in the region.

Southeast introduces the concept of hospice care to the region through Southeast Hospice.

Southeast completes a new MRImaging Center in the Southeast Cancer Center. The $2.1 million project replaces the mobile magnetic resonance imaging unit that the Hospital had used since 1987.

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Joseph P. Miller began practicing at the Southeast Cancer Center.

Southeast Hospice becomes Medicare Certified and a separate department from Southeast Home Health.

Cancer patients and their families find a new avenue for video and print information about cancer as well as educational programs about cancer presented by healthcare professionals at the Wellness Connection.

The Hospital's Brain & Spine Center implements a highly sophisticated wireless image guided neuro navigational system which enables neurosurgeons to perform complicated and delicate surgeries to remove tumors and other abnormalities of the brain.

A new 1.5 Tesla strength unit is installed in the MRImaging Center. The $1.7 million project replaces a magnet in use since 1990.

A new service, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is added. PET provides physicians with unique diagnostic data that is particularly helpful in the diagnosis and staging of many cancers.

Southeast files a Certificate of Need (CON) application with the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee in Jefferson City for a new multi-energy linear accelerator at the Southeast Cancer Center. The unit features Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), a new form of radiation therapy that combines computer-generated beams of nonuniform intensity to produce a highly conformal uniform dose to cancerous tumors while simultaneously providing unprecedented sparing of surrounding sensitive tissues.

Individuals with a strong cancer history (breast, ovarian and colon) can receive cancer risk assessment, counseling, education and, if appropriate, genetic testing at the region's first Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic at the Southeast Cancer Center.

The treatment of prostate cancer with radioactive seed implantation is offered, allowing many men the option of receiving radiation therapy for their prostate cancer in one day rather than over eight weeks.

Southeast introduces to the state NovalisR Shaped Beam SurgeryTM. Novalis combines image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) with stereotactic radiosurgery offering unsurpassed precision for treatment of small tumors of the brain, spine, prostate and other areas of the body.

As part of a renovation of existing nursing units, renovation of the Inpatient Oncology Unit is completed.

A key component of services for women is redefined with the opening of the Breast Care and Diagnostic Center at 60 Doctors' Park.

Southeast becomes the third hospital in Missouri and the first community hospital in the state to offer robotic-assisted surgery for prostatectomies using the revolutionary daVinci® Surgical System.

Radiation Therapy adds MammoSite® high dose-rate brachytherapy for the treatment of some early stage breast tumors to its arsenal of technologies to fight cancer.

A new X-ray therapy system specifically designed to treat skin cancer, also is added in Radiation Therapy.

Plans are unveiled for a new, 49,200 square foot Southeast Cancer Center on the Hospital's West Campus. The $33 million project will open in winter of 2011.

Hematologist/Oncologist Dr. James C. Mosley III began practicing at the Southeast Cancer Center.

The $33 million Southeast Cancer Center is set to open early 2011. The center will occupy 49,200 square feet and is one of the largest projects in the history of Southeast Hospital.

February 7, 2011 marked the opening for the new Cancer Center.

Hematologists/Oncologists Dr. Andrew Dickey  and Dr. Andrew Moore began practicing at the Southeast Cancer Center.