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Skin Care

Skin requires proper nutrients in order to remain healthy. Several conditions can cause the skin to become unhealthy. Uncontrolled diabetes, swelling, paralysis, poor mobility and pressure can all cause the skin to become damaged.

Damaged skin may become weak and cause open sores. These sores often results in hard to heal wounds, and could lead to serious infections. Therefore, prevention, by taking good care of your skin, is the best medicine.

To limit the chance of developing weak skin and sores, skin should be washed with mild soap and warm water – do not soak for longer than ten minutes. Treat your skin gently, and avoid using rough washcloths. Moisturizing creams should be applied to dry skin after bathing. Avoid lotions or creams which contain alcohol, parabens or fragrances. These moisturizing creams should never be applied to open wounds or between your toes. Also avoid the use of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or antiseptic solutions on skin or wounds, unless instructed by your doctor.

Check you skin daily for dryness, cracks or redness. If they continue, see your doctor. Do not scratch itchy areas, and avoid applying tape to skin whenever possible.

It is also important to remember that healthy skin receives its nourishment from you, therefore it is critical to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, and drink plenty of water.