Southeast Hospital Welcomes Babies in Many Ways

A baby’s birth is cause for celebration and at Southeast Hospital, births are celebrated with a variety of "extra" touches that help families welcome their infants into the world.

ultrasoundBaby's 'First Picture'

Over the years, our Ultrasound staff has taken more "first baby photos" than any other hospital in the area. Ultrasound uses sound waves to safely and painlessly gather detailed information on how your baby is developing. Mothers who have their ultrasounds performed at Southeast receive a complimentary photos of their baby's images as well as a thumb drive with their baby "inaction."

Lullaby announces each birth

The arrival of each baby is “musically” announced throughout Southeast Hospital with several measures of Brahms’ Lullaby. This “baby’s first song” can be heard in the Hospital as often as a dozen times a day (the birth of twins calls for “back-to-back” plays) and always brings smiles to everyone in the Hospital.

Handmade Baby HatsHand-made baby caps

Each infant receives a handmade cap, lovingly made by members of the Southeast Hospital Auxiliary who devote thousands of hours every year to this project. Each cap is unique and becomes a treasured family keepsake.

First Day Photo

Southeast Hospital has partnered with First Day Photo, which provides professional, studio-quality portrait services for OB patients. The professional photographers from First Day Photo are skilled in the art of making newborns look their best. The photographers schedule convenient in-room appointments with the parents to photograph the baby and the family. Parents have the opportunity to invite other family members to participate in the photo shoot if desired, and siblings, parents and even grandparents are often included in the photos as well.

Parents view a slideshow of their photos immediately following their portrait session and photos are available online (password protected) to share with family and friends. Each family also receives a virtual birth announcement, compliments of Southeast Hospital, which appears on the Hospital website and can be shared with friends by email and on social media sites. Parents also can purchase CDs of all the digital images, with complete copyright privileges, which they can use to order unlimited prints at retail photo labs.

B@bies OnBoard Billboards

Our newborns are featured each week (on Wednesdays) on a 12-foot by 24-foot digital billboard at Kinghighway and William (just above Quizno’s). The billboard features a picture taken by First Day Photo photographers along with basic information. No last names or addresses are used. A picture slideshow of each baby billboard can also be found on the hospital’s website.

OB giveawaysNursing Support pillow

Mothers who plan to breastfeed can take advantage of free breastfeeding support provided by the Hospital’s internationally board certified lactation support consultants. All mothers are given a nursing support pillow to take home with them, regardless of whether or not they breastfeed.

Car seat checks

When they leave Southeast, families are given diaper bags filled with helpful baby care items. Also, before a baby is placed in their car seats for the ride home, a member of Southeast’s OB staff, certified in car-seat installation, checks to make sure the infant seat is properly installed.

Born to Read Program

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi at Southeast Missouri State University gives each baby born at Southeast Hospital a new Golden Book. Each book includes a congratulatory note from the Society that stresses the importance of reading to babies.

FootprintsFootprints to the future

Before leaving the Hospital, each infant leaves his or her mark by leaving a footprint square to be displayed on our “Footprints to the Future” wall near the nursery viewing area.