Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a powerful way to reduce overall stress and increase physical and emotional well-being. Our licensed staff provides a variety of safe, professional services in comfortable surroundings.

Swedish Massage
Relax and relieve stress with 30-90 minutes of various massage techniques to increase circulation and release toxins from muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage centers on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. I t helps break up scar tissue and usually focuses on specific areas of the body. It may cause some soreness during or after the massage

Hot Stone Massage
Receive the same benefits of a Swedish or deep tissue massage with the addition of warm stones. The heat from the stones helps relax the muscles allowing for deeper massage without as much pressure.

Prenatal Massage
Relax and enjoy yourself before that little bundle of joy arrives. This massage concentrates on the aching parts of a pregnant woman’s body—hips, lower back and feet. It is available to women who are at least 12 weeks along and is performed with mom comfortably lying on her side.

Pressure is applied to specific spots on the feet stimulating corresponding areas in the body such as major organs. The benefits of this massage treatment are stress reduction, improved circulation, increased energy. Reflexology also helps correct imbalances in the body and aids in the removal of toxins.

Massages are available at our Cape and Jackson locations by appointment.

Stop by the front desk or call:
Cape 986-4400
Jackson 755-2301