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Breastfeeding and Infant Care Class

Better Breastfeeding BookThis class is designed for first time parents, first time breast feeders, or those just wishing to have a review.  The mechanisms and benefits of breastfeeding will be discussed as well as latching, breastfeeding holds, and feeding patterns.  Breast care and the breastfeeding lifestyle will also be discussed. When and how much to feed are always of concern to new parents, whether you choose to breast or formula feed and this will be discussed in class.  The last part of the class will focus on taking care of mom and baby. This section will focus on what to expect from your newborn, umbilical cord care, bathing, diapering, taking a temperature, sleep patterns and infant crying. We will stress the importance of taking care of mom so she can better handle the new challenges of infant care.

This class is taught by one of the Lactation Consultants at Southeast Hospital.  It is recommended that this class be taken during the third trimester.  This class is limited to 15 couples per class and is offered one Saturday a month from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Southeast Hospital.

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Online Class Option

This on-line breastfeeding course allows the user to learn everything you need to know about breastfeeding, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home. The program will explain the benefits of breastfeeding, how your body makes milk, and special situations such as how breast surgery may alter breastfeeding. Other topics covered are latching, positioning, breastfeeding holds, and feeding patterns. Learning to recognize feeding signals and how to know if the baby is getting enough milk is important for successful breastfeeding. The course will also cover routine breast care and the importance of taking care of yourself, including nutrition, returning to work, and expressing & storing your milk.  The program is complete with video clips to enhance the learning experience.

When you register for this class, you will receive the book along with instructions to log on to the course.

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