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Guardian Alert 911

Guardian Alert 911 Offers a Sense of Security

Guardian Alert 911 is a 2-way Emergency Pendant communicator which dials 911 from the pendant which you wear either on a lanyard or with a belt clip. Guardian Alert works with your Land Line (telephone line). Guardian Alert works anywhere in the continental US where 911 service is available. If you can pick up your telephone, dial 911 and connect with a 911 operator, the Guardian Alert will work for you.

The home monitor installs in minutes with no tools required. The unit works like a cordless phone on any standard phone line. The unit is owned by the individual and can be taken and reinstalled at any new location supported by 911 services.

The pendant can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket. The system offers complete coverage in and around the home within a 600 ft radius of the base unit.

If an emergency or accident occurs, the alert can be easily activated by pressing the button and within seconds you can be directly speaking with a 911 operator. Guardian Alert 911 offers a much needed comfort to those with the system, and for their family, knowing that emergency protection is available if ever needed 24 hours, 7 days a week.


  • 911 Service Available
  • Land line (Guardian Alert can not hook up to a cell phone)
  • 110 Power source for base unit


  • $175 for the unit
  • No contracts, monthly fees, service fees, connection fee, activation fee, usage fees (No Fees - Ever)


  • Works within 200 yards of your telephone service
  • Water resistant
  • Small and lightweight pendant
  • Pendant operates with a standard “AAA” battery

For more information or to purchase a unit please call 573-986-6622 or email Kathi Mazzanti.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Guardian Alert 911 system?
The Guardian Alert 911 system is a set - a base station which plugs into the phone jack - and a pendant which is worn by the user.

How does Guardian Alert 911 work?
It is very simple. You just push the blue button on the wearable pendant and you can speak directly to a 911 operator from anywhere in or around the home. You do not need to use your regular telephone.

Does Guardian Alert 911 use Cellular Service?
No! The Guardian Alert 911 uses your home phone line.

Do you have to be near a base station for 911 to hear you?
No! Because the Guardian Alert 911 is the world’s smallest cordless speakerphone, you can speak directly to an operator instantly from anywhere in or around the home. This is the only product that allows you to speak from ANYWHERE in your home, not just within 50 feet of a speakerphone. The pendant range is up to 600 feet in a free-space environment! It will cover large homes and even a short distance outside your home.

Are there any monthly charges or contracts?
Absolutely Not! There are no monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever. You purchase the Guardian Alert 911 for $175 and it is yours to keep and use forever.

What happens if I am unable to speak?
If you are unable to speak, the Guardian Alert 911 can still give the 911 operator your location by utilizing the caller ID function. Because of this “enhanced 911” system, you can feel even safer that your location is known even before you speak.

How do I install Guardian Alert 911?
Just plug it into your existing phone jack.

Is Guardian Alert 911 legal to use?
Yes! The Guardian Alert 911 is completely legal to use in all 50 states and Canada.

Does Guardian Alert 911 use a battery?
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 uses a AAA alkaline battery, which is included. The battery life is one-year and it can be tested at any time with the test button on the unit.

How can I deal with power outages?
You can purchase our optional Battery Back-up unit for $40 which will provide over 24 hours of back-up protection. It simply plugs between the wall and the base unit.

Is Guardian Alert 911 water resistant?
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 can be used in the shower even though we don’t recommend it as a normal practice.

What is the warranty on Guardian Alert 911?
One Year Limited Warranty